5 Intimate Holiday Destinations

Whether you’re looking for a holiday destination to amaze your brand-new partner, or you’re searching for a fantasy honeymoon location, or you are remembering your twentieth wedding anniversary, listed below are 5 cities where intimacy abounds.

Paris, France

It can be cliche, however, no one can deny the intimacy and romance that Paris provides. What’s more romantic than a kiss on top the Eiffel Tower, a stroll down the beautiful streets of Paris, consuming croissants in a cafe or enjoying delicious French wines at a private table with your loved one. No matter what you choose, it’s hard to not get cozy here.

Venice, Italy

Italy is definitely promoted among the top romantic nations, and Venice definitely tops the list. With it’s fantastic waterway connections, romantic gondolier rides or moonlit serenades by authentic Italian musicians, it rates up there as one of the most attractive cities in Italy. All this included with fine Italian cuisine and delicious wines and eateries, you will never be disappointed in a trip here.

Las Vegas, Nevada

You might think Las Vegas is the king of tacky but in reality it’s an awesome place to have a fun and intimate time with your spouse. The action never stops in this city with Elvis impersonators, luxurious hotels, more lights and bling than you can handle, and enough food, drinks and shows to make you combust, you are sure to have a great time. Vegas is a great place for both of you to be able to let loose and not worry about normal responsibilities, actually, being irresponsible is encouraged in this city! So pop the champagne, put on your hottest outfits and watch the intimacy explode on the hottest strip in the world.

Discovery Bay, Jamaica

Island vacations are the best for providing intimate situations. Clear blue seas, white sandy beaches, delicious cocktails, tantalizing foods, hot sun and tanned bodies; it’s the perfect recipe for romance to fly.  Dance the night away to local musicians on steel drums, feed each other fresh fruits or go get a sensual couples massage together. No matter what you do, an island vacation releases sparks you may not have felt in awhile.

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Take your love out to the wild in Africa. Victoria Falls, named for the late Queen Victoria of England, is a great place to keep things steamy. Not only will you both get to experience these thundering falls for the first time together but can also do some exciting activities such as a booze cruise, whitewater rafting, bridge jumping or an elephant safari. Also there are many options for booking a romantic African hut for your accommodations. There’s no doubt your love will be ignited here.

Photo by vidyo on Flickr

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