5 of the World’s Most Romantic Destinations


Singapore might be tiny but romantic spots and sceneries are in plenty. You can stroll in the Fort Canning Park, enjoy a private moment and learn of this ideal park said to be a resting place for Singapore’s last king.

A ride in a glass top boat along the Singapore River is also an exciting experience for couples as they enjoy the rich heritage of Singapore. Nothing brings two lovers together more than excitement and thrill.

The Sweet Durian or Esplanade is a place you can enjoy theatrical shows under romantic lighting. Alternatively head over to the Anderson Bridge of love and enjoy gazing at the moon as your reflections are displayed on the pristine clear waters of the Singapore River. Singapore Airlines even offers the chance to upgrade for special occasions like honeymoons. Cupid is sure to strike.


India is a fervent destination for many lovers due to its spectacular flora and fauna, aside the mystic culture, the spectacular white peaks of Kashmir and the sensuous sandy beaches of Kunyamakuri.

You can try Lovedale, a hill station located atop the tranquil blue hills of Tamil Nadu. The name alone betrays the romance associated with this amazing place. The complicated jungles of Ranthambore Madhya Pradesh are yet another surprising paradise of nature and adventure lovers; the dominating Ranthambore fort is also charming and its view priceless.

For lovers of wine visit the beautiful Sula vineyards and savor the taste of the best wines in the country. Ensure to visit the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand and Udaipur, the city of love before honeymooning in Kashmir’s valleys. India has a lot to offer as a romantic destination not forgetting the ultimate symbol of love, the Taj Mahal.


Romantically speaking, a luxury holiday in Dubai has so much to offer as a romantic getaway. From the majestic  golden sandy deserts, the luxurious sophisticated skyscrapers to sprawling seaside resorts with serene gardens and white sandy beaches. Put up at an opulent 5 star hotel for a incredible romantic experiences and world class pampering.

You can start over by spending your night in the Bedouin village in the desert under a million stars cover and experience the mysteries of the Arabian nights. You can enjoy getting an a hot air balloon for an aerial view of Dubai or try out riding on a camel’s back across the sandy deserts.

Nothing appeals to a woman as much as shopping. Taking her shopping may be a chore, but it will definitely get her moods up. Shopping in Dubai isn’t just shopping, it is an experience. Remember to adorn your loved one in pure gold from the gold market.


France is known as the most romantic country in the world for good reason. If you choose France to spice up your relationship, then you got the best in store for you. Paris is an ideal city for lovers: you can walk hand in hand and enjoy the Seine Bridge. You could visit the capital of nudism Cap de Agde, shop, and bank or lay in the beach.

Experience the beauty of open air restaurants, good food, amazing wine, and stunning scenery that will have you and your partner love struck. Whether you put up in Paris’s lovely streets, or head over to rural France’s idyllic countryside, cupid seems present everywhere!

United Kingdom

In the UK the Lake District proves to be most tranquil and suitable for couples. With inspiring panoramic views and numerous lakes, this slice of heaven has been home to poets and romantics for ages. The Winster Valley is a favorite spot for many for her great scenery, nice cottages and the best pubs to hang out.

You can also sneak off to the quaint countryside of the Cotswolds and stay in a lakeside log cabin with hot tub to share a bottle of champagne and watch the sun go down over the lake.

Cornwall is also an ideal destination for lovers, the numerous beaches and romantic evenings as you enjoy grilled fresh fish from the waters.

This is a post Tom, the editor of Malta Holidays, who also knows a thing or two about romancing on this pretty little archipelago.

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