5 Places in the World Where Long Distance Lovers Ought to Meet

You may have met the love of your life but because of work commitments may live in a different location or you both have little time to spend with one another. Long distance lovers can add spice to their life by planning special getaways where they can meet and make the most of their time together. Getaways can be just a weekend or a much needed long vacation.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

It may be rare, but possible, that both of you live clear across the United States, so how about meeting in the west for a western lover’s adventure? Enjoy Santa Fe, New Mexico with its duo of American and Mexican culture. Enjoy history, a variety of museums and the arts. Enjoy exhilarating adventures together rafting, Southwest safaris and hiking. Stay in your choice of Bed and Breakfast or Luxury Hotels for some quiet intimate moments.

Bora, Bora

Venture to the Pacific for a romantic escapade that may require a little extra savings but so worth the expense to make the most of your time spent with the love of your life. You will find accommodations that cater to couples with cabins decorated in simple yet romantic flare. Choose cabins located right on crystal clear blue waters. The atmosphere is relaxing and inviting to embrace one another taking in the beauty and the cherished moments.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tango with the love of your life in romantic Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. This is the largest city in all of Argentina where couples enjoy the festive atmosphere as well as exquisite accommodations. Enjoy the sites of Buenos Aires often referred to as the Paris of South America. Walk through their world famous botanical gardens then tango your evenings away making up for the painful time you’ve been apart.

Quebec, Canada

Cool off in style before heating things up in Quebec, where you can find a couple’s weekend getaway to super charge you when you have to go back to face your weekly busy lives. Relax in in spa accommodations as well as suites that offer fireplaces and kitchenettes, bathrobes, breakfast and a fine cuisine dinner. For activities you can enjoy the outdoors, cultural events or visit landmarks and museums.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Get away from it all while including the familiarity of your own culture and visit Dubai. Take your mind off the everyday and be dazzled with the uniqueness before you. Start your excitement with your choice of skiing in the snow or sand. Enjoy hundreds of years of culture and art. Spice your life with an array of exotic spices at the market. Keep in mind that kissing and fondling in public may get you arrested but you can save all that excitement for behind the doors of accommodations that offer you beautiful scenery and privacy.

When your day to day routine has you busy or there are a few miles between you and the love of your life, take time to be alone. Venture near or far to one of these five places where long distance lovers ought to meet and rekindle the spark.

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