5 Unique Cruise Destinations

Cruise travel is nowadays not restricted only to Caribbean beaches and the glaciers of Alaska. The itineraries presented by many travel houses offer a lot more unique destinations. The focus has now shifted to uncommon or unusual cruises. You may cruise along the coast of British Columbia in a revamped tugboat or travel along the Swedish canal in a century old steamboat. There are more unique experiences on offer and we present the top 7 uncommon cruise ideas.

1. The Amazon

The Amazon River, is the mightiest river in the world which is flanked by the renowned rainforest. A cruise on this amazing river is perhaps the most exhilarating river cruise that you will ever set your foot on. On this cruise you will go deep into the reserve and encounter a variety of wild animals like gray dolphins, sloths and birds. You’ll also pass by local cultures & villages and even make some stops to interact with local people.

2. Southeast Asia & India

Cruise lines offer multi-day cruises to some fantastic destinations in Southeast Asia & India. When cruising through this area, you can make stops at several exciting destinations. Explore the ancient beauty of Cambodia, the exciting culture of Thailand, then travel down to the huge city of Mumbai in India & also check out Singapore, a clean & beautiful little city to check out. If you have the time, travel to Agra to view the Taj Mahal at sunset and sunrise.

3. The North Pole

No cruise can be more exciting than the one which takes you to the Arctic. A voyage to the North Pole can be an enriching & unique experience. It will literally bring you to the top of the world where every direction from where you stand is south. Explore the Arctic Sea by ship leaving from Finland. Along the way you will see endangered animals like seals, walruses and arctic foxes. You can even commemorate the accomplishment by taking a hot air balloon ride.

4. The Black Sea

The Black Sea remains the cruise world’s best kept secret. Experience the Mediterranean sea & visit fantastic ports such as Athens & Istanbul. There are also options of Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria. Although there are beaches at most ports, many people find it more exciting to immerse themselves in the great culture at each stop. Many Black Sea cruises are up to 14 days long in order to get you to really experience everything.

5. Sweden

Visit Gothenburg and take a vessel down the famous Gota Canal. Pass through the changing scenery of the canal & stop for shore visits in some great Swedish ports. At each port there are options for great guided tours on land. You’ll also be able to stop at the Viking community of Birka, Sweden’s first town. End your days with dinner in the ship’s main dining room.

Photo by dgphilli on Flickr

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