A Couple’s Guide to Thailand

If you are going on a Honeymoon there are plenty of places around the world that can capture your romantic fancy. However, few places have what Thailand has to offer. Thailand is a dream holiday destination located in South East Asia offering thrills and a unique experience that will take you through a adventurous journey of love and bonding. Thailand is a country of many wonders and has something for every type of honeymoon traveler, from the romantic to the adventurous.

Thailand’s coastline is created by the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, with beautiful white sand beaches and a stunning lush green landscape. The country was once majorly agricultural and fishing-based and to date one can be lost to the tranquility of quiet seaside towns, meditative resorts and cultural wonders that are unique to this small peaceful country.

Thailand has something for every honeymooning couple. There are many Treks and sightseeing excursions organized for travelers. Honeymooners can take a romantic stroll through Aromatic woods and explore ancient golden ruins in some of the most diverse forests in Asia.

Thailand also hosts some of the most Luxurious resorts in the world, with many located away from the bustle of busy Bangkok and the thronging tourists. Famous for its signature Buddhist meditation presence and Ayuvedic thai massage centers, Thailand is a place for honeymooners to just relax and soak up the sun in each others presence while enjoying the many rejuvenating body care techniques on offer.

At the resorts one can sample gourmet cuisine from around the world and quintessential Thai delicacies. A dream location for foodies Thailand has a host of restaurants and bars for every sort of traveler, from the lazy and earthy ethnic setting shacks to elegant sophisticated dining rooms serving dishes prepared y celebrity chefs of exquisite presentation.

Thailand’s climate is temperate and cool with a wet monsoon. Summers are perfect to laze on the beach while enjoying a drink or watch the sun set to firecrackers and bon fires. The winters are perfect for treks and outdoor excursions. Thailand hosts many outdoor activities for Honeymooners ready to try something adventurous. Thailand is well known world over for its beautiful rock structures just off the coast and also rock climbing and rappelling spots.

Adventure sport enthusiasts can also enjoy biking and speed boating with facilities and equipment available for all skill sets. Also when in Thailand don’t miss an opportunity to skydive or paraglide. The view from above is said to be abysmal and it is the preferred location for base jumpers from around the globe.

If your Thai honeymoon is a more relaxed affair be sure to join a boat tour of the coast and its surrounding Islands. The water is crystal clear blue and is home to a mosaic of fish species and coral groves. There are many tours that offer scuba diving trips or private yachts where honeymooners can enjoy a leisurely lunch aboard your private vessel while floating in the placid sea surrounding Thailand.

Thailand is truly a dream destination for honeymooners, where one can find the height of luxury and a truly unique tourist experience in one of the most tranquil and ecological Landscapes in the world.

Photo by randytan on Flickr.

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