Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa is Ethiopia’s capital that acts as the heart of the country. In the city are headquarters of many organizations and agencies.  The city has a rich history and culture which are evident despite the direction it is taking towards modernization.

The city of Addis Ababa offers an array of beautiful buildings and commercial centres for visitors and tourists. The city’s historic landmarks include museums while its modernity is seen partly in malls and centres. Addis Ababa welcomes visitors and wants them to see for themselves the wonderful historical sites and the modern structures and establishments it offers.

Structures and Establishments

The Addis Ababa Museum collects and displays exhibits and other items that depict the history and heritage of Addis Ababa.  The museum also aims to show the growth and development of the city and its future progress in terms of social, political, and economic aspects.  The museum is located in the first and oldest building of the city, owned by one of the warlords during the time of Emperor Menelik II.

The museum’s exterior is of quality and its architectural design is unique. It has eight sections with materials exhibiting each stage of the development of the city. There is a room that displays the first telephone brought to Ethiopia from Italy by RasMakonnen in 1890.

The Dembel city centre is a large western style mall, in which around 123 retail spaces are available for retail. The Dembel mall is one of the first to open up on western style modernization, with about 12 storey tall structure and having a contemporary architectural style. The modern design of the facade and interior is part of the construction boom of the country for which most of the buildings are of modern contemporary theme.

Mountains and Parks

Beyond its structures, Addis Ababa has beautiful natural sights for visitors to enjoy. Take for instance Mount Entoto which is the highest mountain overlooking the city.  Mount Entoto belongs to the Entoto mountain chain, levelling 3,200 meters beyond sea level.  It is a historical place with Menelik II residing and building his palace on it, when he came from Ankober and discovered Addis Ababa.

The city is considered a holy mountain that holds several monasteries. It is also noted as the place of a number of celebrated churches such as Saint Raguel and Saint Mary. The mountain is heavily covered by eucalyptus trees that were brought from Australia during the time of Emperor Menelik II while most of the planting happened during Emperor Haile Sillasie’s empire.  The mountain forest provides an important supply of firewood and building material in earlier years.

The Bihere Tsige Recreation Park is a popular destination for garden weddings and other popular occasions. The park offers grandeur of natural environment with the potential of interacting with the locals like in the case of a wedding ceremony.

The Bihere Tsige Recreation Park is a 400 square kilometre long park that is near a valley creek bed. The beautiful scenery of wooded park is astonishing to see along with many species of birds which visit and make the park their home. The amazing display of fauna in a natural setting is ideal for picture taking as a souvenir.

Photo by gustavius on Flickr 

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