Best Casino Destinations for Couples

Summer is here and everyone is fleeing their homes to visit top destinations across the world. Most people would visit the beautiful beaches or the serene mountains while others would prefer to visit big cities. In either case, people always want to visit the top casinos in the world. In addition to that, the most popular casinos in the world pack great things for locals and tourists alike. Top casinos provide world-class restaurants, services, suites and not to mention, swimming pools. Having said this, it is perfect for those couples who are looking to enjoy and expand their relationship’s experiences.

In case you are interested in taking your partner to a casino, you should know the top ones around. Those that host WSoP poker tournaments time and again are great for starters as they are proven to have excellent amenities and services for their clients. Without further ado, here are the top 5 casinos in the world that you should visit with your partner.

Venetian Macao

One of the spots that usually holds WSoP poker tournaments is the Venetian Macao situated in Macau, China. As you know, there is a Venetian Casino in Las Vegas. However, the one in Macau is classier than the one in Vegas. The Venetian Macao is not only known for the 550,000 square feet of gaming space, it is also known for the services and amenities it provides as it is one of the best resort-hotels in the world. That’s why it is perfect for a couple looking to spice up their relationship.

MGM Grand

The MGM Grand that is located in Vegas is another place that you can visit. Everyone knows that Vegas’ popularity is mainly down to the casinos. Well that’s a fact. Although the MGM Grand is not as huge and spacious as other, newly built casinos across the globe, it still is regarded as one of the best because since it was built, it maintained its status.

Foxwoods Resort

Another casino that has hosted WSoP poker tournaments is Foxwoods Resort Casino located in Connecticut, US. It is considered as a member of the largest casinos in the world boasting over 4 million square feet of space. The view on the outside is a sight to savor as it features nature at its best especially during the summer.

Monte Carlo Casino

The next casino in this list is the Casino de Monte Carlo. It is a huge casino located in Monaco that does not allow locals to gamble in it, or better yet, allow them within the premises. That is the sad thing here but looking at its façade, you can tell that it indeed packs a great experience for couples to savor while on vacation.

The Borgata

The last casino that makes it into this list is the Borgata. The Borgata is a casino, a hotel and a spa in one. It is situated in Atlantic City, otherwise known as the close competitor of Las Vegas as far as gambling is concerned, although much smaller in scale.

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