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Romance On The River: World’s Best River Cruises

Couples really need to relax and spend a nice quite time together from time to time but with the business of everyday life, this is not always possible. Nevertheless as busy as you might be you simply can’t go on working yourself to a frazzle. A cruise down the river is just what you need […]

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa is Ethiopia’s capital that acts as the heart of the country. In the city are headquarters of many organizations and agencies.  The city has a rich history and culture which are evident despite the direction it is taking towards modernization. The city of Addis Ababa offers an array of beautiful buildings and commercial […]

Choosing a Holiday Destination in Egypt

Sharm el Sheikh If you seek white sandy beaches, tropical palm trees and unlimited sunshine, then Sharm el Sheikh is the destination for you. Situated on the historic Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el Sheikh is also the cosmopolitan capital of the region with excellent shopping opportunities, five-star hotels and activities to suit every taste- from golfing […]

Shopping in Marrakech

A souk is an open-air marketplace. Historically, souks were held outside of cities at areas where incoming caravans stop for merchants to display their goods for sale.  Souks extend their function beyond being markets for buying and selling goods, into major festivals involving many social and cultural activities. Later, due to the significance of the […]

Marrakesh, Morocco

Like many Moroccan cities, Marrakesh is an old fortified city full of vendors and their stalls called the medina, lined up by modern neighborhoods, the most popular of which is Gueliz. Today Marrakech is one of the busiest cities in Africa and serves as a major tourist destination and economic centre. It’s interesting to learn what is […]

Interesting Festivals Around the World

As a couple, you always need to find interesting things to do together to keep that spark alive. Travel is one of the many things that strengthens your bond and sense of adventure. If you want to add another interesting aspect to your next trip together, try out one of the amazing festivals that take […]

Don’t Worry While You Travel: Keep Your Home Safe With These Tips

If you are planning to go on vacation, you might be worried about leaving your home unwatched for such a period of time. Thankfully there are lots of ways to prevent burglaries from occurring. There are six simple things you can do to protect your home while you’re away. Don’t Tell the World Before you […]

Africa’s Most Romantic Destinations

Africa is quickly becoming a more popular destination for honeymoons and romantic vacations. From safaris to beaches to jungles, you are sure to find just the right romantic destination for you. There’s no way your jungle instincts won’t surface on your steamy nights in Africa. Here are some of our favorite romantic destinations for you […]

5 Intimate Holiday Destinations

Whether you’re looking for a holiday destination to amaze your brand-new partner, or you’re searching for a fantasy honeymoon location, or you are remembering your twentieth wedding anniversary, listed below are 5 cities where intimacy abounds. Paris, France It can be cliche, however, no one can deny the intimacy and romance that Paris provides. What’s […]

Romantic Vacation Ideas for Fitness Junkies

Not everyone is a fan of the romantic candlelit dinners and idly watching a movie with your date. Some people prefer to let their active spirits colour their romantic lives as well. So if your partner is somewhat of a fitness junkie, surprise them with a vacation that is not only romantic, but also physically […]