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Choosing a Holiday Destination in Egypt

Sharm el Sheikh If you seek white sandy beaches, tropical palm trees and unlimited sunshine, then Sharm el Sheikh is the destination for you. Situated on the historic Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el Sheikh is also the cosmopolitan capital of the region with excellent shopping opportunities, five-star hotels and activities to suit every taste- from golfing […]

What makes Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt the ideal holiday destination for couples?

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday offering the ideal combination of relaxed together time, sightseeing opportunities and the chance to experience a completely different culture, take a look at the southern Egyptian city of Sharm el Sheikh. The former port has long been popular among holidaymakers, who are drawn to the city’s subtropical climate […]

Romantic Destinations Around the World

Looking for the perfect holiday destination for you and your partner? Although against the beliefs of many different people, finding this ideal vacation destination is not actually as hard as people believe it to be. Whether you are going for a short weekend break or a two week vacation it is not difficult in the […]

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Travel-Mad Partner

Christmas is just days away and you are racking your brains thinking up some cool gift ideas for your partner. Here we list some practical and different gift ideas that would make ideal presents for people who love taking off to different destinations at the drop of a hat. Travel Kits For Toiletries Or A […]

Visiting Turkey on a Cruise

Turkey has always been a top destination for tourists seeking sun, sea and sights but it is now also becoming a popular place to visit on a cruise. The long beautiful coastline provides a wonderful selection of interesting and beautiful places for people to visit. Marmaris in South West Turkey is the country’s biggest beach […]