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Shopping in Marrakech

A souk is an open-air marketplace. Historically, souks were held outside of cities at areas where incoming caravans stop for merchants to display their goods for sale.  Souks extend their function beyond being markets for buying and selling goods, into major festivals involving many social and cultural activities. Later, due to the significance of the […]

Marrakesh, Morocco

Like many Moroccan cities, Marrakesh is an old fortified city full of vendors and their stalls called the medina, lined up by modern neighborhoods, the most popular of which is Gueliz. Today Marrakech is one of the busiest cities in Africa and serves as a major tourist destination and economic centre. It’s interesting to learn what is […]

Top 5 Trekking Adventures Around the World

Trekking is an adventurous hiking trip usually undertaken on areas with rugged terrain. This activity could also be associated with rock climbing, backpacking and mountain climbing. Since special skills are required to complete a journey of considerable length, it is highly recommended for beginners to go with an experienced hiker or with a guided group. […]

5 Top Destinations To Make Your Romance Feel Like The Movies

They say that sometimes life beats movies, but nevertheless, motion pictures can feed our vivid imagination and they can leave us wanting to relive the famous scenes which have touched our hearts. Couples who love both movies and globetrotting can be inspired from the following movies and locations. Casablanca The 1942 classic movie “Casablanca” starring […]