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Romance On The River: World’s Best River Cruises

Couples really need to relax and spend a nice quite time together from time to time but with the business of everyday life, this is not always possible. Nevertheless as busy as you might be you simply can’t go on working yourself to a frazzle. A cruise down the river is just what you need […]

Most Romantic Destinations to Visit In 2014

The New Year is just around the corner and it is time to start planning a romantic trip for you and your lover. There are many places you could choose to visit this coming year but here is a list of some exceptionally romantic spots that you should check out in 2014. Cancun Mexico First […]

Cyprus: Two Cultures

Cyprus, officially the Republic of Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea particularly, east of Greece. The culture of Cyprus is split into two distinct cultures of Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Each community preserves its own culture, being linked to the cultures of Greece and Turkey, with less cultural interchange between them. The Greek culture has been on […]

Hearts and Flowers

Ah, romance. Hearts, flowers, chocolates. What could be better? Well, a holiday including all of the above would be good. Whether it’s the romantic cliché of Paris, or somewhere a little different, there are ways to add little extras to your time away, to make it all the more special. Maybe it’s a honeymoon, maybe […]

Come with me to Wales

Wales is an island of Great Britain and a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It is bordered by England to the east and Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea to the west. The country is situated within the North Temperate Zone, and its climate changeable. The development of mining and metallurgical industries n the early part of the Industrial Revolution transformed the country from agricultural into an industrial society. Today, […]

Copenhagen: A New Haven to Discover

Copenhagen is the exciting capital of Denmark. A number of tunnels and bridges connect the areas of the city together, and the city scape is pronounced by waterfronts and promenades.  Copenhagen’s metropolitan area in recent years has included parts of Southern Sweden. Currently, Copenhagen is one of two major centers in the bi-national Øresund region. This […]

The Splendor of Brussels

Brussels is Belgium’s largest urban area at the same time its capital with 1.2 million for its population. Since the close of World War II, Brussels has been a major center for international politics, home of international organizations, and a place for diplomats and civil servants. Modernization in Structures Brussels was modernized after the war; […]

Lovers’ Place, Venice

The city of Venice and the Republic of Venice prospered on trade and became wealthy through most of its history.  Its main products then were silk, grain, and spices. Today, Venice speaks of tourism, fashion, style, beautiful structures, and romantic settings. Buildings and Palaces Venice has magnificent buildings and structures that are constructed along the […]

Everything you need to know about getting to and around Paris

Getting Here Planning a holiday to Paris can be stressful, but not for lack of choice. Paris is the world’s number one tourist destination and a major European air and rail hub, so travellers are virtually flooded with offers for flights, travel packages, and rail options to pick through. Momondo is a great place to start […]

Romantic Getaway in West Cornwall UK

The unique history and heritage in West Cornwall UK makes the town of St Ives the perfect destination for a romantic getaway couples will love. Here you will be able to spend some much needed quality time together as you explore all the beauty that Cornwall, England has to offer. Exquisite Luxury Accommodations When planning […]