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5 Fascinating River Cruises in Europe

River cruises in Europe are an idea that many people feel excited about, and the reason why is that these cruises are unique and special for those who choose to take them. Some of the exciting river cruises Europe that can be found in the region are as follows: Danube River Cruise Those who choose […]

Things to do in Austria’s Capital – A Guide to Vienna

When you take a quick glance at Vienna, on the whole it might appear ungraceful, conventional, and sluggish in its movement.  But when you look at the place a bit deeper, then you will see that the the city is also fashionable, and a place where you can party throughout the night. In fact Vienna […]

Austria’s Innsbruck, Capital of the Alps

Deriving its name from German, Innsbruck is literally “the inn under the bridge” and is famous for hosting the Winter Olympics five times. It’s also a historic city, inhabited as early as the Stone Age. In the 15th century, Innsbruck was a centre of European politics and home to the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I. […]