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Cyprus: Two Cultures

Cyprus, officially the Republic of Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea particularly, east of Greece. The culture of Cyprus is split into two distinct cultures of Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Each community preserves its own culture, being linked to the cultures of Greece and Turkey, with less cultural interchange between them. The Greek culture has been on […]

A Guide to Europe’s Top Paradise Islands

When you hear the phrase ‘paradise island’ you probably think of somewhere like the Seychelles, the Caribbean or one of the Pacific island nations, but in fact you don’t need to travel halfway around the world to find this kind of destination. There are some great islands closer to home in Europe, and I’ve picked […]

Romance With A View: Take In These 5 Epic Vistas With Your Loved One

Be it an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or maybe you are just about to pop the big question you need to do so in a romantic and conducive environment for doing just that. Regardless of the occasion you are about to celebrate, these world class romantic getaways are sure to leave pleasant and unforgettable memories in […]

4 Relaxing Escapes For Jaded Couples

There are many destinations available to enjoy a holiday vacation with your loved one. Nowadays some people choose a winter paradise escape, while others choose a romantic cruise or a beach resort vacation. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide where you and your partner want to go but below I’ll offer some ideas on […]

The World’s 6 Most Romantic Island Getaways

With the thousands wonderful of romantic island destinations around the world, couples find it daunting to choose just one. Narrowing down the list is not an easy task but in this article, you’ll find six of the most romantic island getaways in different areas of the world that couples can choose to have a holiday […]