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Stockholm’s Most Romantic Places for Couples

You’re going to visit Stockholm with you beloved? Here’s the list of places we advise you to visit for the most romantic experience ever! The City Hall gardens City Hall – is the iconic and the most recognized building of the city. There are daily guided tours both in English and in Swedish for those […]

Fun and Unusual Accommodations for Couples

Traveling together can be such an adventure. You can escape to destinations that offer romance, history, activities that both of you will treasure for a lifetime. How about adding to your travels fun and unusual accommodations? Places where you can spend a night or two that your friends and family may not even believe exist […]

5 Fascinating River Cruises in Europe

River cruises in Europe are an idea that many people feel excited about, and the reason why is that these cruises are unique and special for those who choose to take them. Some of the exciting river cruises Europe that can be found in the region are as follows: Danube River Cruise Those who choose […]

5 Unique Cruise Destinations

Cruise travel is nowadays not restricted only to Caribbean beaches and the glaciers of Alaska. The itineraries presented by many travel houses offer a lot more unique destinations. The focus has now shifted to uncommon or unusual cruises. You may cruise along the coast of British Columbia in a revamped tugboat or travel along the […]

Super Cool Stays at the ICEHOTEL in Sweden

The world famous ICEHOTEL in Sweden is situated on the River Torne and is constructed every year. The construction depends on the subzero temperatures in the region and the building is held together with Snice as opposed to mortar in brick constructions. This is not just a hotel made of ice and snow, it is […]