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Come with me to Wales

Wales is an island of Great Britain and a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It is bordered by England to the east and Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea to the west. The country is situated within the North Temperate Zone, and its climate changeable. The development of mining and metallurgical industries n the early part of the Industrial Revolution transformed the country from agricultural into an industrial society. Today, […]

Best Valentine’s Day breaks in the UK

Though Paris may be considered by many the city of love, there are other locations closer to home that can provide the perfect location for a romantic Valentine’s Weekend away. Let’s take a look at a few… Bath This gorgeous Georgian city is the perfect backdrop for a romantic weekend away. Spend your days lolling […]

Sensible Shopping Online With Discount Coupons

Two is company and three is a crowd. Subscribe to this dictum and do everything with your partner in tow. It also works out cheaper when you travel and eat together. Then, because your partner has made you so happy and filled your days with sunshine, you can gift her jewellery to show how much […]

Romantic breaks in the UK

If the idea of lazing on a deserted beach doesn’t thrill you or your wallet, why not consider a romantic break in the UK? This beautiful isle is packed with history and the stunning scenery the length and breadth of the country makes the perfect backdrop to any romantic break. Here are some suggestions for […]

Soak up history on a North Wales castle tour

Do you see yourself as a history buff? If you do, I advise you take a castle tour of North Wales. Yes, you can visit amazing medieval properties throughout the entire country, but I think those situated in the north are particularly fascinating. Spend some, or even all, of your break exploring the area’s historic […]