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Fun and Unusual Accommodations for Couples

Traveling together can be such an adventure. You can escape to destinations that offer romance, history, activities that both of you will treasure for a lifetime. How about adding to your travels fun and unusual accommodations? Places where you can spend a night or two that your friends and family may not even believe exist […]

Turkey for Two

There is a reason as to why more and more people have begun to choose Turkey as a vacation destination. If you’re looking to add new and exciting activity holidays to your repertoire, then Turkey might be the place for you. The many historical sites have contributed to the rising increase in visitors in the past few […]

Visiting Turkey on a Cruise

Turkey has always been a top destination for tourists seeking sun, sea and sights but it is now also becoming a popular place to visit on a cruise. The long beautiful coastline provides a wonderful selection of interesting and beautiful places for people to visit. Marmaris in South West Turkey is the country’s biggest beach […]