Choosing a Holiday Destination in Egypt

Sharm el Sheikh

If you seek white sandy beaches, tropical palm trees and unlimited sunshine, then Sharm el Sheikh is the destination for you. Situated on the historic Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el Sheikh is also the cosmopolitan capital of the region with excellent shopping opportunities, five-star hotels and activities to suit every taste- from golfing to windsurfing. Sharm el Sheikh is known for its lively nightlife. Sharm el Sheikh is also noted for its sulphur springs which reputedly have healing properties and, of course, the world-class scuba diving opportunities. There are numerous diving schools in the area, allowing visitors of all abilities to dive amidst the crystal clear waters and explore the beautiful red coral reefs where thousands of exotic sea-creatures and exotic flora can be found in abundance. Like swimming in a fish tank, only better!



Hurghada is a relatively modern Egyptian city, founded in the twentieth century. It is one of Egypt’s main tourist destinations, and it is not hard to see why. Hurghada boasts year round sunshine, over forty kilometres of beautiful coastline and a dramatic landscape. If you are looking for a holiday with a busy night-life, then Hurghada ticks all the boxes. It is one of Egypt’s main tourist destinations, with numerous diving centres, and its own airport- the Hurghada International Airport- and bus-station, making holiday travel stress-free. Hurghada has an interesting bazaar and day-trips to explore the surrounding desert on quad-bikes are also popular. It’s a great base from which to explore the whole of Egypt, not just the Red Sea. Two-day trips to explore Cairo and Luxor by air are available from Hurghada, allowing visitors to experience the wonders of ancient Egypt, as well as the diving paradise of the Red Sea.


El Gouna

A lovely place for a family holiday, El Gouna is becoming increasingly popular with tourists, particularly families as it is generally quieter than Sharm el Sheikh. We went there last summer and were really impressed with the facilities available in our hotel. We were a family of four, with my youngest being a baby, and I was a bit worried that the hotel would be too hot for my little one, but most places had excellent air- conditioning and the dry heat was actually quite pleasant. The sea by the shore was very shallow, which does make snorkelling a bit difficult, but my little ones really enjoyed paddling in the clear sea, and the water was clean and as warm as bathwater.


We enjoyed visiting the Downtown area and the Marina, where there are some excellent restaurants. I would recommend ‘La Scala‘. You can hire tuk-tuks to see the sights from as little as fifty pence each, and a shuttle bus ticket was about £1.50 for the week, so a real bargain.


El Gouna is purely a tourist resort, and it was really nice knowing that everything we could possibly need was available- including a hospital specialising in diving accidents! We loved the traditional style architecture of the buildings, even though they were all quite modern, and there were plenty of activities for all the family. We are definitely planning to visit El Gouna again.

Photo by jubilatewest on Flickr

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