Fear of Flying – How to Control Your Fear

Flying is Far Safer Than Driving

Flying today is an accepted and normal method of travel that keeps people traveling to the places they very much desire and need to go to every day. As accepted and routine as this form of travel is, there are still quite a lot of travelers who have unwarranted fears of flying.

How to control your fear of flying is quite simple when you understand the safety that is so inherent in flying. Though it has been said many times before, it is worth mentioning that the most dangerous part of any airline flight is indeed the trip in your car to the airport. In truth, car accidents account for far more accidents, injuries, and deaths than airline travel could ever take credit for each year.

Traveling As A Couple Helps

When traveling as a couple, people with flying fears are better able to discuss their concerns with each other. Talking is one of the best ways to dismiss any myths or false fears. By talking with your partner you are better able to work out, in your own mind, why you feel scared in an airplane.

Aircraft today are safer then they have ever been. This is because safety in the airline industry is constantly being improved and refined. Safety is not a static situation in aviation, as safety experts are always discovering and implementing new ways to make an already impeccable safety record even better. It can be said that travel by air is one of the truly safest modes of transportation in the world.

Simple Tips For Relaxing On An Airplane

There are several things you and your partner can do to relieve stress and the fear of flying while traveling by air. One way is to try simple breathing exercises. By learning to control your breathing in times of fear, you can consciously allow yourself to relax and be more at ease. Try taking deep breathes through your mouth and then slowly releasing this breath through the nose with your mouth closed. This helps to reduce anxiety and apprehension, by slowing the heart rate.

Another smart tip for how to control your fear of flying, or any fear for that matter, is to close your eyes and try simple meditation techniques.

Mini-Meditation Breaks Help To Relax

Meditation is a powerful way to bring on lasting relaxation, and does not have to be complicated or require being alone. In truth meditation can be a simple process involving closing your eyes and deliberately clearing your mind of unwanted thoughts. With a little practice this can be a very effective way to control anxiety.

Finally, reading and partaking in simple routine tasks will help to keep your mind occupied and off of unwanted and illogical thoughts regarding flying on an airplane.

Air travel has evolved over many years of practice, to become one of the absolute best and safest modes of travel on the planet. By shaking off unwarranted fears and dispelling myths, you and your flying partner can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing flight to almost anywhere in the world.

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