Five Tips to Keep the Spice in Your Romance

If you both plan on having a memorable vacation then it is essential to keep the spice in your relationship before you make plans to travel. If not, then your vacation may one that you wish you never took and could care less to remember when tensions build over wrong turns, detours or cancelled events. All things that are out of your control but these possible inconveniences should not stifle you romance.


Life is always throwing you challenges, taking your time and making your lives an over business of day-to-day cares. These things can really bog down a relationship that was once hot, now seems routine.  Take even five to 15 minutes a day. It can be in small increments of even a minute at a time to think of your love. Put a visible picture on your computer screen or desk, perhaps even a quote that is special to each other reminding you of some romantic endeavor. Along with keeping your love as the perspective in your efforts learn what makes them tick.

Love Signals

Find out what love signal as best to stoke the fire, sort of speak. Did he or she prefer words? Then little notes here and there reminding of appreciation can go a long way. Do gift show your love your care? Perhaps it is quality time or even doing something special like picking wild flowers, fixing something that would be extremely appreciated. Some people tend to be very affectionate where hugs and cuddling is a nice way to get some sparks going. Keep in mind that you are looking for what benefits them.  Essential tip that if you think about it worked really great especially in your early dating days, so why stop? Apply some of those tender moments now. Invest a few minutes of your day after all a little spark can create a big fire.

Dinning Dates

Have a dinner date, with no worries about time. Make it really special; go somewhere fancy where you both need to dress classy. You may also think about a dinner where you can dress fun. You can have a picnic under the stars, just the two of you. You may also want to visit your favorite dinning place that has incredible memories. If your budget is tight then how about a dinner date at home and you have children be sure to have them visit family while you enjoy being home for dinner, just the two of you. You can plan your dinner date in conjunction with another event such as a nice walk, theater or even a music event. It is really nice if your dinner date can be an all-night event. Next take a look at some weekend getaway ideas.

Weekend Getaways

Getaways are always nice, especially if both of your lives are busy and being home is of little use with phone calls and people dropping by. Sometimes it is just nice to take off beyond the reach of interruptions where you both can cherish and enjoy each other. It can be a weekend at a local Bed and Breakfast. For the nature lover’s it can be a camping night under the stars. You may find a remote area in the middle of nowhere that has incredible comforts for just the two of you.  If you are on a budget then think about asking family and friends for ideas, it may surprise you that they may have a nice place to get away to.

Dream Vacation

This one may take a little more planning than a weekend getaway but you can make it one that is extremely memorable. This is where you will need to put all your efforts into action. Think of how this vacation will bring you closer together. Make even the planning stages exciting. Drop hints of some romantic plans with notes or little whisper as you hug your love. No matter what your dream vacation is it certainly can be the hottest you have ever taken when you make the proper preparations.

When you make plans to go out to dinner, getaways or dream vacations, by first applying the tips mentioned above concerning your perspective and love signals; then even if for some reason plans change you will certainly have all those little love expressions to fall back on. Making memories on the spur of the moment can also be fun and filled with exciting romance.

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  1. April March 4, 2014 at 8:40 pm #

    I agree with you travelling together is one of the best thing that you can do with your partner. This will help strengthen your relationship. You can build great memories with doing things together. There are a lot of adventure or romantic trips. You just need to plan ahead of time so that you and your partner can have fun on your vacation and you can spice up your relationship!

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