Fun and Unusual Accommodations for Couples

Traveling together can be such an adventure. You can escape to destinations that offer romance, history, activities that both of you will treasure for a lifetime. How about adding to your travels fun and unusual accommodations? Places where you can spend a night or two that your friends and family may not even believe exist but they are out there in various places of the world.

The Mirrorcube

Perfect accommodations for couples located in Harads, Sweden. The Mirrorcube is a pleasant hide-out that is surrounded by trees and the outside walls are camouflaged with walls that are mirrors. When you arrive you will find the checkin area offers internet, restaurant, bar, sauna, TV and an overall area to relax. From there it is a small stroll to your treeroom that has a bridge that leads up to the treeroom.


Venture to Jukkasjärvi, Sweden where you can keep yourselves warm in the Icehotel on beds made of ice and snow. This accommodation is one you will want to repeat over again as every year it melts the Icehotel is uniquely rebuilt by creative artist who reconstruct each room, chapel and bar.

Marmara Antalya

For an exciting moving experience you both can relax at this five star luxury hotel located in Antalya, Turkey which prides in being the first revolving hotel. Its foundation will turn 360 degrees several times a day giving you a different view from the comfort of your room. The hotel provides views of the Taurus Mountains, the Mediterranean sea and the city.

Dog Bark Park Inn

A must for you dog lovers who want to enjoy a unique bed and breakfast that is beagle shaped. Found in Cottonwood, Idaho you will both get a laugh for years to come that your accommodation was dog shaped and the toilet was disguised as a fire hydrant and your loft bedroom was a dog’s head.

Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast

Here you will find privacy that was blasted into a one room cave out of cliff side in Farmington, New Mexico. You will remember this unique and unusual accommodation as you both will have to shimmy down a steep cliff to get to your room approximately 100 feet underground. Once in your room you will appreciate the nice décor and relaxing atmosphere.

Palacio de Sal

Salt is good, especially if you plan to make it a unique place you both stay at in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. You will find the rooms, living room, bar and dinning room are made entirely of salt. The hotel itself is built from salt blocks that held together by a salt and water mixture that is cement like. The exceptions to non-salt made materials in the hotel are the roof and toilets. It may be tempting but guest are asked by the owners to please not to lick the walls.

There are more unusual accommodations out there to include staying in a prison or how about a crane? Take your travels of romance to the level of fun and unique as you stay in some of the strangest places in this world.

Photo by erin_pass on Flickr

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