Hearts and Flowers

Ah, romance. Hearts, flowers, chocolates. What could be better?

Well, a holiday including all of the above would be good.

Whether it’s the romantic cliché of Paris, or somewhere a little different, there are ways to add little extras to your time away, to make it all the more special.

Maybe it’s a honeymoon, maybe it’s an anniversary, first holiday away together, or just a romantic surprise, but whatever the reason, make it the best it can be from start to finish. One way to do that is to start the whole thing early, maybe even make it a surprise. Pick your beau up from work and whisk them away to a hotel, ready to be spoilt pre-flight. I would love that, I know many women would! One thing though, just make sure they’ve packed first, no woman likes to be rushed where packing is concerned.

There are many options available for airport hotels, with ranges at most large UK airports. I’ve stayed at several of the Luton Airport hotels from Holiday Extras over the last few years, and I’ve never had reason to complain and always had fantastic service. The price is low, and it also adds convenience to your travel plans, meaning you’re on-site, with no need to rush about on the morning of travel, getting stressed and spoiling what should be an exciting, loved-up experience. If you’re heading somewhere shorter-haul, you might be flying more regionally and in that case, you’re not forgotten in the hotel stakes either with many options available. If you don’t fancy nasty surprises, and are money smart then i’d take a look at Holiday Extras travel insurance – best be safe than sorry!

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, such as a honeymoon or anniversary, why not mention it on check-in, and see if you can get any special perks – if you don’t ask, you don’t get! Room service breakfast is a possibility, a romantic evening meal with a bottle of champagne maybe, or flowers in your room. The possibilities are endless!

Romance doesn’t have to be the big gestures either, simply spending time alone together can be enough, and getting away from it all early, relaxing pre-flight, looking forward to your special break is the perfect beginning. If you’re heading away on honeymoon, you might be heading off somewhere exotic, probably long-haul, in which case the chance to get a bit more sleep and relaxation pre-flight is priceless.

Whatever your reason for heading away together, make it special with little extras to enhance your holiday.

Photo by santheo on Flickr

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