Honeymoon Destinations for Newlywed Travellers

Couples who have just gotten married certainly need to take a romantic honeymoon as a means of celebrating their wedding bliss. These splendid getaways are an excellent way for couples to relax in a tranquil locale while establishing a stronger bond. Following are the ten best honeymoon destinations for newlywed travelers.

Las Vegas

For many years, honeymooners have been quite fond of this destination. Newlywed couples can easily find excitement at one of the many casinos in the city. Another way newlyweds can bond is to enjoy one of Las Vegas’ thrilling live shows while sitting close to each other. Couples can also stay at one of the fantastic hotel suites in the city to get cozy with each other.


Honeymoons are not always merely about beaches and sun. Newlywed couples can pay a visit to the luxuriant Colorado mountain town if they are interested in taking a romantic wintertime getaway, and enjoy the tranquil views and world-class skiing of the towering peaks. For tourists, the community is quite vibrant as it is filled with nice restaurants and shops.


Newlywed couples can have a remarkable honeymoon experience by spending their honeymoon at any of the Hawaiian Islands. Signature traits of this peaceful location include beaches covered with celestial sand, exotic landscapes and sunny weather. Couples can attend an authentic luau, hike the Diamond Head trails, or go to Hanauma Bay and snorkel there. Couples can even simply relax at one of the many luxury resorts in Hawaii.


This South Pacific island is renowned for its perfect climate and black sand beaches. Newlyweds can witness the island’s eye-catching natural beauty by hiking to waterfalls, like Faarumai or Fautaua. On this marvelous island paradise, couples will also find a lot of exotic animal and plant life.

St. Barts

St. Barts is quite an exotic location that couples should surely try if they want to have a tropical honeymoon. This beautiful island is situated in the Caribbean Sea and it gets a special flavor by its French influence. The radiant hues of color of the seawater that can be seen from the beaches enhance the appeal of the island. Newlyweds who want to long for some private time will find Shell Beach quite perfect.


Newlywed couples who want to spice up their romance should pay a visit to Mexico. Couples will be offered a lot of white sand beaches and beautiful scenery with nearby ruins that date back to the Mayan Empire at the beaches of Cancun. In Mexico, another excellent choice for newlyweds to share special moments while gazing at the impressive sunsets is Puerto Vallerta.


Newlywed travelers who want to enjoy some romantic moments are also quite fond of this established European nation as a honeymoon destination. Couples can enjoy a dreamy experience while riding through the canals of Venice on a gondola. Couples can also take a memorable photograph in front of Leaning Tower of Pisa to remind them of their romantic honeymoon.

Honeymoons are joyful, once in a lifetime occasions, so it is important that newlywed couples choose the right destination for their honeymoon to ensure a memorable, special experience together.

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