Jungle Love: Adventures in the Wild

Every once in a while, there rises within us a desire to get away, far from the noise and hustle of our complicated modern lives. We spend most of our time living in an environment where everything is man made..Our homes, our work places, even our holiday destinations are often just a change of scenery; swapping one concrete jungle for another.

We are plugged in all the time, online and accessible to the entire world. It can get to the point where you simply want to grab your partner by the hand and run, be free, leave all the chaos behind. Indeed, many couples today, particularly the ones that live and work in cities, are looking for a vacation from their vacations, so to speak. And so they travel Into the Wild.

Picture a beautiful hut out in the wilderness, you and your special someone sitting in the lap of nature, cosily cuddling by the fire, listening to the sounds of the jungle that envelops you on all sides. This is the sort of experience modern couples are looking for- an adventure out of the ordinary, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at these jungle getaways.

Bandhavgarh National Park, India

Located in the heart of the country, Bandhavgarh is famous the world over as the home of the great Bengal Tiger and for its spectacular natural setting. Large concentrations of these majestic animals roam free among rocky hills and lush green valleys. Visit between March and April for a chance to see bears, deer, leopards, birds and the King of the Jungle.

The Cloud Forests, Guatemala

High altitude rainforests that are veiled by huge banks of low lying clouds, these jungle resorts will make you and your partner feel like you’ve entered into a slice of heaven, where you are literally, walking among the clouds. There’s also huge biodiversity, several endangered species of plants and animals call these forests home.

Masai Mara Safari, Kenya

Best known for the great wildebeest migration and the friendly Masai tribesmen, the Masai Mara safari is perfect for couples that enjoy wildlife, and lots of it. The migration happens between August and November, but the Masai Mara has plenty of other attractions all year: lions, cheetahs, leopards, giraffes and sometimes elephants, all set against a breathtaking background and romantic golden sunsets.

Adventure Tour, Peru

If you are an active couple, a trek through the ecological wonderland of Peru is just the thing for you. Hike through lush mountain valleys, with the endangered Andean Condor gliding overhead. Cross the great Lake Titicaca, walk through the heart of the ancient Inca empire, and complete your journey at the legendary Machu Picchu.

Surfing in Costa Rica

Slip into your bathing suit and head to the beautiful white sand beaches which lie on the outskirts of the jungles of Costa Rica, where you’ll find some of the best waves on the planet. Anyone can surf here, even first timers, and the beaches aren’t as crowded as other popular surfing destinations. Step back and enjoy the fabulous view of the horizon, as you and your partner watch the sun set into the sea.

Photo by vinothchandar on Flickr

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