Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Travel-Mad Partner

Christmas is just days away and you are racking your brains thinking up some cool gift ideas for your partner. Here we list some practical and different gift ideas that would make ideal presents for people who love taking off to different destinations at the drop of a hat.

Travel Kits For Toiletries Or A Passport Pouch

Let’s start with the very simple and mundane. A travel kit for toiletries is such a essential item that keeps all of the we need neatly organized and readily accessible. A toiletry kit that has space for tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap, shampoo, razors, shaving kit, sewing kit, extra batteries, medicines, torch and other bits and pieces is a great gift for people who make many trips in a year. In fact many folks who travel frequently have these always readily stocked and packed to take off at a moment’s notice.

A pouch to keep your passport, wallet and airline tickets is also great idea for a gift to a travel mad person. They will truly appreciate these items when it’s such a struggle juggling luggage, backpacks and passports at the customs or immigration counter at a remote location of world say Perth or Jakarta.

Sturdy Backpacks

Backpacks can never be a bad gift for partners who travel a lot. There are backpacks of different sizes and capacity suitable for travel of different durations. Check out the pack that they already have and pick one of different size. So, they have a bag whether its for a weekend or a whole week. Make sure it has lot of pouches for different items to be stored away when moving from place to place.


Books are great traveling companions especially on long trips. These makes great gifts for people who love to read in addition to traveling. A book helps keep boredom away when you are cooped up in an airplane for hours on end. Choose books that your partner likes to read about. Maybe it is about the destination he/she is dreaming of visiting for long. For example if your partner has always dreamed about visiting Egypt then books on history of Egyptian Pharaohs or their Pyramids can make for interesting Christmas gift ideas. If its Paris they dream about, then books about places to visit and things to do in Paris will make a great gift idea.

Trekking Poles

If your partner loves trekking or backpacking then trekking poles are a gift idea that will be appreciated. It makes walking or trekking on rough and dangerous terrain easy and less stressful on knees and joints. There are range of trekking poles available in different types of light-weight materials. Research well and pick a model that has a good grip, is of the right length and suited for the type of trekking/hiking that your partner does.


Electronic gadgets are always great for Christmas gift ideas. If you are flying to the Bahamas or Hawaii what would you like as a travel companion? Many people would readily choose an iPod or an iPad. These make traveling fun. Download thousands of songs and enjoy music for hours on your iPod. Read books, play games or work on your iPad. Laptop is another useful travel companion. You can watch movies or keep in touch with friends and family by updating them about your travel status on your Facebook account.


Technology is rapidly evolving and every year new and improved cameras with large image clarity, improved features and better picture quality are being made. What better Christmas gift idea than a travel worthy camera that is compact, is easy to use and simple to pack. Buy extra batteries and extra storage memory cards. These will be invaluable when you are traveling and don’t have access to electricity or computers.

Photo by kelp1966 on Flickr.

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