Lovers’ Place, Venice

The city of Venice and the Republic of Venice prospered on trade and became wealthy through most of its history.  Its main products then were silk, grain, and spices. Today, Venice speaks of tourism, fashion, style, beautiful structures, and romantic settings.

Buildings and Palaces

Venice has magnificent buildings and structures that are constructed along the canals. Some of these are the Doge’s Palace, Palazzo Mocenigo, Palazzo Grassi, and many more.

Doge’s Palace has been repaired and restored many times already. Its façades had been restructured. The original sculptures, some of which were masterpieces of Venetian sculpture of the 14th and 15th centuries, were placed, together with other pieces from the facades, in an area set aside for the Museo dell’ Opera.  After undergoing careful restoration works, they are now exhibited, on their original columns, in these 6 rooms of the museum, which are traversed by an ancient wall of stone, a leftover of the earlier Palace. The rooms also contain remnants of statues and significant architectural works in decorative stone from the facades of Doge’s Palace.

Palazzo Mocenigo is another palace in the Santa Croce district of Venice, just off the Grand Canal, behind a church. It has facades on two sides: one looking on to a small canal and the other to a land entrance on a narrow lane. The exterior does not speak so much but inside it is a typical aristocratic Venetian residence. Nowadays the palace is open as a museum for visitors to view..

Palazzo Grassi is the latecomer among the palaces on the Grand Canal of Venice, Palazzo Grassi has an academic classical style that is in contrast to its surrounding of Byzantine Romanesque and Baroque Venetian palaces.  It has a formal palace façade made of white marble, and lacking the lower mercantile openings typical of many Venetian patrician palaces. Palazzo Grassi is architecture in the Venetian Classical style located on the Grand Canal of Venice, in northern Italy. It was designed by Giorgio Massari, and the building was completed between 1748 and 1772.

Romantic Setting

Venice is known as a setting in films like The Tourist, Chasing Liberty, and many more due to its mysterious serenity and romantic atmosphere.

The film, The Tourist showcases the Italian lifestyle in terms of designer dressing and fashion. The characters are dressed in sharp Armani suits and Bulgari creations. Angelina Jolie’s best moment is observable by the boat chase down the canals and across the lagoon, where she handles the launch with expertise. The film ended after all the actions as a movie of romance.

In Chasing Liberty played by Mandy Moore, Venice is portrayed during the free gondola ride when the actor kisses Mandy Moore to hide her from their pursuers and the gondola driver singing Amor meaning love.  It is a romantic comedy film indeed.

The structures and the canals are two of the attractions in Venice that awe visitors, tourists, and film producers until today. A lifetime visit that one cannot maximize by touring alone, so, why not bring along a partner to enjoy the mystery and romance in Venice?

Photo by bluehouradmiral on Flickr

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