Most Romantic Restaurants for Lovers around the World

When dining with your special someone, it is but natural that you would want everything to be perfect – that is, an equilibrium between good food, romantic ambience and of course a scenic view – all mixing together in a harmonious blend. Looking for such a place may seem challenging, but the list below should give you an idea about where to start looking.

Eagle’s Eye Restaurant

The weather in this mountain top resort may be chilly, but that should be of no worry as there is enough warmth that emanates from star-crossed lovers who choose to dine in this restaurant. The Eagle’s Eye Restaurant is one of the amenities of the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort which is located in British Columbia, Canada. Getting there requires a 15-minute ride on a gondola, which should be a good start to this romantic escapade. The restaurant itself is a nothing fancy, but rather one that has a rustic yet charming design of natural timber and gray stones with tall windows to ensure that guests have the best views of the snow-capped mountains while feasting on juicy Rocky Mountain Bison or fresh BC coho salmon.

Seaside Restaurant

Dining by the beach has got to be one of the most romantic dinner for two, and one that is offered by Seaside Restaurant in Warapura Resort in Thailand. Being located by the sea, the restaurant allows lovers to enjoy sumptuous seafood cuisines like lobsters in tamarind sauce or fried sea-bass in masaman sauce. Of course, other cuisines (both international and local) are served as well. Indulge in these wonderful foods as you enjoy the view of the lolling waves and swaying coconut trees, all visible in this open air restaurant of dark wood and white silky curtains. The restaurant also provides inhouse entertainment of bossa nova music and jazz to further enhance the romantic ambience of the place.

The Barbetta Garden

If gardens are your idea of a romantic dinner, then head on to New York, USA for this incredible garden restaurant – the Barbetta Garden. The restaurant has been in operation since 1906 and has served Piemontese cuisines like Fonduta, Carne Cruda, and their all time famous white truffles. Being one of the most picturesque restaurants in the area, the Barbetta Garden served as the filming venue for many Hollywood movies and TV series like The Departed and Sex in the City. Enjoy their mouth-watering dishes as you dine beside shady trees (some of which are over a hundred years old), a flowing fountain with cherubs,  and amidst the blossoms and sweet scents of jasmine, wisteria, magnolia and several others. In the owners own words, the Barbetta Garden leans towards being a grand country estate rather than a garden in the city.

Only a handful of other experiences can beat fine dining with the one you love in a beautiful restaurant with great food and equally great atmosphere. It may be pricey and extravagant, but seeing the smile and joy in your lover’s eyes makes every cent well-worth it.

Photo by dczwick on Flickr

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