Riviera Maya: A Lover’s Paradise


Couples get stressed and tensed because of varying reasons like work or the relationship itself. Thus, it is important that every once in a while, couples take a relaxing vacation together not only to take the edge off but also to rekindle the flame – a vacation like one in the many Riviera Maya all-inclusive resorts in Mexico. This ancient wonderland has everything that will make every couple’s trip a truly enjoyable one – from rejuvenating nature hikes to views of stunning sunsets at the beaches that will rejuvenate anyone’s zest for life and love.

Romantic Outdoor Fun

For the nature loving couples, nothing beats a walk in the deep jungles and forests of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sian Ka’an Biosphere. Get there by boating or kayaking through the swamps, marshlands, lagoons, and mangroves. Observe and delight in the wide array of flora and fauna that abound the place, including the various species of butterflies and avian residents. You can also book a tent or a cabin in the jungles for some “alone” time. Of course, more modern forms of outdoor adventures like zip lines and more can also be found in the more modern accommodations available.

Dreamy Waters

The waters of Riviera Maya are not only famous for their clean and pristine characteristics, but for the lively and varied marine ecology thriving under – the perfect vacation for couples who have an inkling for the waters. Dive with playful dolphins or shy mantas and whale sharks, or just snorkel above the corals neatly lined in the coasts of Cozumel. You can also set forth to the open waters on a party cruise, or take a more private and quality time together by booking a yacht to Isla Mujares.

Reminiscing in the Ancient World

Travel back in time as you and your partner walk through the rugged terrain that leads to the home of one of the world’s oldest known civilization – the Mayans. The genius of those ancient people have baffled even the most brilliant of scientists and explorers up to today, and thus have left the place and the culture shrouded still in mystery and suspense. Take a tour of their temples and feel the solemnity of the place, and marvel at their monolithic architectures. A walk through the ruins will not only amaze every couple but give them a chance to share memories that will surely span across time.

Indulge in Authentic Mexican Food

The culinary tour in Riviera Maya is something that couple’s should try. The luscious taste and enticing aroma of the different spices used in the preparation of these authentic culinary masterpieces will surely stimulate every couple’s taste buds. Try the Playa del Carmen strip, once a dull but picturesque beach which is now alive with long lines of restaurants and bars that serve Mexican and fusion cuisines.

For couples looking for that perfect getaway paradise that features everything from ancient culture to modern amenities, you will do well by making sure that the alluring beauty and exciting lifestyle of Riviera Maya is on top of your travel destinations.

Photo by stephen_rees on Flickr

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