Romance With A View: Take In These 5 Epic Vistas With Your Loved One

Be it an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or maybe you are just about to pop the big question you need to do so in a romantic and conducive environment for doing just that. Regardless of the occasion you are about to celebrate, these world class romantic getaways are sure to leave pleasant and unforgettable memories in both you and your spouse.

1. Fernando de Noronha – Brazil

Notably, this destination is a favorite of two celebrities; Naomi Campbell and Brad Pitt in the recent years. When you need to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the civilization, when in need of a crazy, romantic getaway full of flora and fauna, then this place is just ideal for the two of you. Its sensational beaches, ravaged rock faces, the stupendous sunsets, dolphins and sea turtles will bring out every ounce of love out of you.

2. Seville, Spain

Travel back into time as you enjoy a fairytale atmosphere in the Royal Palace of the historic treasures of Seville. The beaches in Seville make for a sensational romantic destination. The simple beach side resorts are stunning architectural feats which have managed to artistically merge classic Spanish design with pure modern luxury. You could snuggle up totally undisturbed in one of the furnished villas, or enjoy a mouth watering cuisine over at a cliff restaurant. Later on, sip your champagne under the stars on the beach.

3. Eden Rock- St.Barths, Caribbean

Of all the Caribbean Island; Eden rock; St.Barths has over time earned a name for itself as the most sexiest and romantic getaway in the Caribbean. The very air is dozed with romance, from the sparkling beach to the tropical landscapes and perfect aching panoramas. Stare deep into each other’s eyes undisturbed as you enjoy the evening Caribbean ambience, as you simultaneously enjoy the local cuisines which pay tribute to the French Heritage.

4. Riviera Maya – Mexico

Indisputably, the Riviera Maya is home to some of the most beautiful and romantic beaches in the entire country. The Playa del Carmen a 50 acre estate comprises of several swimming pools, organic spar, steam rooms and a Mayan styled restaurant all overlooking a 2 mile beach. The Sal Yi Fuegor serves superlative seafood meals all in this serene, but highly refined atmosphere.

5. Crete

The Greeks are renowned for their philosophical ways, hospitality and their great believe in love. That said, the Island of Crete is best described with one word; “paradise.” A place full of bliss and romance all set in a blend of modern and Greek traditional backdrop.

Sandy beaches hide marvelously between the tall, staggering mountains, with rivers and streams trickling from the top, giving a sparkling awe inspiring view during the day time. With the evocative sunset, dazzling waters and golden sparkling sands along the beach, you are likely to find it difficult leaving the Island.

6. Dubrovnik

Couples in search of romance yearly flock this inspiring city located on the far stretch of Croatia. The city is truly as beautiful and enchanting as depicted by the renowned playwright; George Bernard Shaw who mentioned that if you want a view on heaven on earth, then you should visit Dubrovnik.

As one of the most fashionable vacation spot in the entire European continent, the city owes its popularity to being the jewel of the Adriatic due to its breathtaking and magnet for each and every love struck couples on a romantic getaway.

Photo by martinmontingelli on Flickr.

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