Romantic Disney World Without the Kids

We all tend to think of Disney World in Florida as being a place where we go to in order to give the kids in the family a treat. However, what happens if you go there with your partner and no kids? Is it still likely to be a magical experience? The answer is yes and here are some of the best spots to go to and things to do with your loved one.

Take a Horseback Ride

Riding together through Disney World on horseback sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? You can arrange to leave from Trail Blaze Corral in the Fort Wilderness resort at various times of the day and join a party being led through the resort.

California Grill

The meals you have with your partner are an important part of any trip you make together. You might be worried that in Disney World you are going to be left with no options other than to eat hot dogs and other sorts of decidedly unromantic fast food. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. There are some wonderful eating places here for adults looking for a bit of romance and this one, in the Contemporary Resort, is a special place to eat. The view is incredible and if you get your timing right you can see a wonderful sunset while you enjoy a glass of fine wine.

Victoria & Albert’s

Another great place to eat a classy meal with a loved one is Victoria & Albert’s. This restaurant is located in the Grand Floridian Resort and the food and wine are incredibly good. The setting is lovely too and it is the only restaurant around here where kids under the age of 10 can’t get in. Oh, and it is the only AAA 5 diamond eating place in these parts too.

A Cruise

What better way of passing an hour or so in the evening than by going on a romantic cruise together? Disney’s Grand 1 offers a magnificent setting for some romantic relaxation in the evenings. The spectacular fireworks display will look very special from here and if you want to make it even more special you can pay for a gourmet catering and private butler service.

A Carriage Ride

Another fine option for some romance is that of taking a ride in an antique carriage. You could do to this Pioneer Hall if you want to ride through the Ford Wilderness Resort or at Boatwright’s Dining Hall if you would prefer to travel round the Port Orleans Riverside area. Both trips last half an hour and take place in the late afternoon.

The Rides and Attractions

Of course, just because you are on a romantic vacation doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the resort’s rides as well. In fact, cuddling up close as you go on one thrilling ride after another can be one of the most entertaining ways to enjoy Disney World with your partner. By booking the likes of your Universal theme park tickets in advance you can be sure that you will be in for real thrill and spills which will make you want to squeeze each other’s hand even more tightly.

Photo by stuckincustoms on Flickr

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