Cyprus is a magnificent island of sunshine, spectacular beaches and charming villages. It is also a tantalizing stew of European, Middle Eastern and Greek cultures with a long and intriguing history which is evident with its varied historical attractions.

Known as the birthplace of Aphrodite; the goddess of love, your love is bound to be strong especially as it deposits at your feet a gorgeous mélange of aromatic citrus groves, spectacular medieval castles, brightly colored fields of wild flowers, jaw dropping island views and spectacular golden beaches ideal for sunbathing, swimming and walking hand in hand.

Whether you are looking to ignite a sparkle in your relationship, start your life together or looking for a romantic getaway with or without kids, Cyprus meets and exceeds any expectations with many romantic hot spots and family friendly resorts which will cater for your every need in this sun soaked island.


The Tuscan land is wealthy with gently rolling hills, characteristic cypresses and charming romantic Tuscan villas in splendid locations. Driving along the winding rural roads will reveal numerous rustic farmhouses, quaint hilltop villages surrounded by perfectly groomed vineyards and fields. You will also come across ancient towns and villages that seem to have been stuck back in time and enjoy historical cities such as Florence and Pisa.

Tuscany is truly inspiring, from its fine cuisine to its rich artistic past and its fine wines, it sets an atmosphere that can conjure romantic feelings as well as create memorable moments for your relationship. Most of the villas in Tuscany are renovated or restored farmhouses or even castles which make it even more charming as they blend in with the beautiful countryside and help you experience the authentic Italian lifestyle. Whether you are travelling with your kids or simply seeking a quiet romantic getaway, Tuscany villas will live up to your expectations.


There are many types of scenery that can be described as romantic; a lake, a river, canals or pretty fountains; some may want presence of snow to cuddle and others may prefer warmer ambience perhaps with a vineyard and a castle, quaint villages, sidewalk cafes with wicker chairs or even parks with picnic spots. France does boast that it has it all, promenades that invite walking hand in hand, picturesque settings and also the Eiffel Tower which is the epitome of romance on a holiday in France.

Bordeaux is an ideal lover’s destination, the verdant vineyards and majestic wine houses are inviting, whether you are travelling with kids or not, this wine region will rekindle your romance and take it to another level.

Cahors is yet another romantic destination in France whose mighty Lot River wraps itself around the city like a horse shoe making it feel like an island. You can take a boat ride around Cahors or a balloon ride above it and take a sip of the ‘black wine’ produced in this region. Along the river bank you will come across inviting lush picnic sites where you can sit and enjoy.



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