Sydney for You and Me

Travelling to places of great interest like theatres and opera houses can be a lot more fun if you tour around by two’s.  It is because the intensity and emotional involvement while into these entertainment places should be shared naturally with another person to capture and enjoy the moment all together, and the place to be is Sydney.

Theatres and Entertainment Centers

The Sydney Opera House is located at the northeastern tip of Sydney’s central business district. It was the Danish architect Jørn Utzon, who started the concept and was mostly involved in the construction of this opera house. The design is not only beautiful but also technically best for sounds and echoes built in for opera houses. This structure is a multi –purpose venue for the performing arts like ballet, classical and popular music, talks and plays for schools or the public, comedy and other theatrical shows. The picture of the theatre as seen from the outside is distinctly Sydney.

The Sydney Entertainment Centre is another multi-purpose building, located in Haymarket, Sydney, Australia. It was in 1983 that this centre was open to the public.  Some of its services include corporate functions and catering, corporate packages, and concert tours of artists performing live.

Museum and Stadium

Other than theatres and operas, Sydney has so much to offer in terms of museums, galleries, and stadium. The Powerhouse Museum is one part of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney while the other is the historic Sydney Observatory located at 500 Harris St, Ultimo, still in Sydney.

Another museum in Sydney is the Museum of Contemporary Art which is solely dedicated to exhibition, collection and interpretation of contemporary art, both from within Australia and abroad.

Although the Sydney Stadium no longer stands today as such, yet it served as the center for entertainment and sports with a 10,000 capacity from 1908 to 1970.  This structure had to be demolished in favor of a railway system.

Other Art galleries in Australia include the Adspace Sydney, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre, and many more. There are even museums and theatres in the Darling Harbour.

Harbors and Food Flavors

The Darling Harbour is next to the city centre of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

This harbor is  a favourite destination for leisure and entertainment for tourists and Australians alike with more than forty restaurants, cafes, and bars.  The place also has parks and a large recreational and pedestrian precinct that is situated on the western outskirts of the Sydney central business district.

Hopping, Shopping

From arts to museums, to harbors and food, let us go hopping on malls and start shopping, taking home with us not just memories but souvenirs too from Sydney. The Westfield Shopping Center which sells fashionable items like bags, shoes, women’s apparel, men’s attires, designers’ collections, and many more is only one of the many shopping locations. Other centers include the City Shopping Centre where fashion and shopping blend very well with the aesthetics of the building and the superb fashion designs.

After all the sightseeing and shopping done, what is left to see?  That is, you and me in Sydney.

Photo by [email protected] on Flickr

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