The 5 Worst Travel Destinations For Couples

If you are looking for a romantic vacation with your partner, it will be your supreme desire to go to a destination that offers you the most entertaining and exciting activities. You will love to spend your time at a place that is endowed with natural and scenic beauty along with some entertaining activities.

Before selecting any destination, you need to consider the following aspects.

  1. Is the place appropriate for romantic vacation.
  2. What the place has for its tourists.
  3. The luxuries and comforts of the selected destination.
  4. Major tourist attractions.

So the above mentioned aspects will help you a lot in judging whether the place is right for you or not.

It is quite apparent that couples travel to the most beautiful and alluring destinations to have a perfect vacation. To make your trip ideal, you must avoid traveling to the destinations that are mentioned below.

1. Harare in Zimbabwe

This city has been voted as the world’s worst to live in. Recent political turmoil has made it a dangerous place for travelers from around the globe. Safety (or the lack thereof) is the most important issue that is associated with the country. Being a corrupted, lawless and violent country, it is the worst option for romantic couples as well as for individuals.

2. Afghanistan

Do you think couples travel to Afghanistan?

Being an unstable country, it is not the relevant place to have fun filled vacation. The ongoing civil war has become a serious threat for travelers. Cases of kidnapping and killing are very common in the country. Moreover, the country is not equipped with comforts and recreational activities that you can enjoy to have a memorable time.

3. Iran

Do you think couples travel to Iran, a place where they are not allowed to drink alcohol and dancing is forbidden?

Alcohol is strictly banned in this country. Even, the tourists are not allowed to consume alcohol. Moreover, the females are not allowed to wear western outfits. If any individual, whether male or female, tries to violate the rules of the country, they receive harsh beatings and even death penalties. The place is not the correct choice for the couples who are living in western countries and who love alcohol.

4. Jurez, Mexico

It is impossible that couples would want to travel to the “Murder Capital of the world”?

Jurez is the city where Mexico meets United States of America. There are many people in the city who are living below poverty line. However, the main issue that the city is facing is the agitation, drug addiction and lack of order. Due to the long instability, the city has very low standard of the living and nothing for tourists.

5. West Point, Monrovia, Liberia

Do couples travel to a place where toilets are scarce?

The country is so poor that it is not able to fulfill the basic needs of the people residing in the country. Teenagers are addicted to drugs and prostitution is very common. If you travel to this place you will not get fresh water or air. Which are pretty important things to have for a romantic vacation, no?

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