The World’s 5 Most Romantic Cities

A few suggestions for those love birds among you who love romance and urban landscapes. Here are my picks for the most romantic cities in the world…

1. Romance Abound in Venice

The city of Venice is a well-known place for those couples who want to have a romantic time of their lives. They can ride the water buses in Venice, commonly called as the Vaporetto, and just have a fun time together. They can relax at the Piazza San Marco and get friendly with the pigeons and the couple can bring some snacks for them. The couple can also go to San Polo wherein they can shop many affordable items there or the couple can simply walk together and enjoy the sunset which makes the city looks like a dreamland for lovers.

2. Honeymoon in Ko Samui

Thailand is one of Asia’s fantastic locations for couples who are seeking to have a very romantic honeymoon. Thailand is even considered as a dream destination by couples who want to have a great honeymoon. One of Thailand’s most known romantic destination for couples is their Ko Samui which features several great beaches which are perfect for romantic getaways. It has great resorts which also provide luxurious accommodations and a very modern setting. The library which is located in Chaweng at Ko Samui is suited for the couple who want to have both a relaxing and a romantic time due to its sleek and sexy design. This place also offers healthy living and relaxation such as places for Absolute Yoga and Spa.

3. Romance in Paris

Paris is a very well-known place for love or couples. In fact, this is a dream place for most of the couples nowadays. When it comes to romantic destinations, Paris is no doubt on top of the list. One of the most known couple’s spot in Paris is the great Eiffel Tower which gives an amazing view of the city. The couple can eat in the restaurant in Eiffel Tower and enjoy the view at the same time. Other than that, the couple can also go to the Arc de Triomphe and the Notre Dame in Paris and experience a stunning view of the city. If the couple is staying in Paris, they can go to the George V. and go to their gardens which are great for a romantic setting. Paris also has a lot of jazz clubs to bring your loved on and listen to relaxing and romantic music together.

4. New York City: A Place For Romance

Another known city when it comes to romance and love is the New York City due to the several sights that it can offer for couples. The couple can take a walk and relax at the Battery Park which offers silence, beautiful gardens and a fantastic waterfront. This park has been existing for over 200 years and is still one of the most romantic places in New York. The couple can go to Broadway experience why it is a favorite destination for couples. The Couple can take a romantic cruise over the river Hudson and enjoy a great view of the Battery Park, Manhattan, New York harbor and the popular Statue of Liberty.

5. Heat It Up In Kahului

Hawaii is a known place where the heat of the sun always shines above the people within that place. A great place for couples in Hawaii is the Maui which is Hawaii’s popular island when it comes to vacationing couples. The couple should go to Kahului and enjoy beach activities in the morning or just get intimate, relax and take an evening walk just along the beach and getting comfortable in each other’s arms. While walking, you can marvel at the beautiful sunset.

Photo by thomashawk on Flickr.

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