Think Spice, Think Water, Think Grenada

This small island of the Caribbean is only 22 miles long and 12 miles wide and is surrounded by water and magnificent beaches. The island itself is mountainous with dense rainforests. Grenada is known as the “island of spice” because of the abundance of spices grown there, including  nutmeg, mace, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, and cocoa. So not only do you have spectacular scenery, but also the aromas of these spices. The villages are just as quaint and picture postcard perfect. The Grenadians, the local people are very welcoming and friendly. The food is awesome naturally. Grenada is a secret paradise. So do not tell anyone.

What to see and do in this charming place?


The island is highly forested yet ideal for trekking. Go through the Grand Etand National Park and see all of the trees, exotic flowers, and spices. Enjoy the nature with various wild birds, monkeys and the tiny tree frogs, which are on the endangered species world list but thrive in Grenada in the higher areas of the rainforests.

Dive, snorkel, swim, and play cricket

The amazing beaches are a mecca for water sports. The Black Bay is as its name suggests, covered by black volcanic sand. Molinaire reef offers great opportunities to see the marine life surrounding this island. Grand Anse is idyllic with its pure white sand beaches and excellent swimming in the blue sea, with palm trees surrounding – sigh! The grenadines love their cricket so you may well be able to join in. Mention a few names of cricketing greats to get a shoe in or at the very least start a lively ‘discourse’

Visit the towns and the villages

The capital of Grenada is St George and it is a lively little city right on the harbour and said to be the most beautiful place in all of the Caribbean. . There is a thriving market place, obviously selling a lot of spices and seafood. It is also very historic having been inhabited by the French and the British and then invaded by the United States. It finally gained its independence in the 1980’s. Another lovely town is Victoria where you can wander around the cliffs admiring the views. The little villages throughout the island are lovely and the people very happy and helpful. Take time to have a chat.

Eat and drink

As can be imagined, seafood is a staple of the food of Grenada as is the use of the varied spices. Crabs and conches are particularly good as is the calaloo soup made from a green leafy vegetable. The national dish is Oildown, which is salted meat, breadfruit and root vegetables, slowly cooked in coconut milk and spices, of course. Another favourite are the roti, which are filled with any number of things. The Grenadines also utilise their spices in their desserts – like nutmeg ice cream.

Festivals and markets

For a lively and friendly people, the markets and festivals echo this. Music, laughter, those alluring spice smells, the free samples of rum. Did I mention that Grenada has its own rum distillery of which they are justifiably proud?

Just imagine a tropical island, that is scenically stunning with people who are relaxed and laid back – and you have come to Grenada.

Photo by ruthbruin2002 on Flickr

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