Top 5 Trekking Adventures Around the World

Trekking is an adventurous hiking trip usually undertaken on areas with rugged terrain. This activity could also be associated with rock climbing, backpacking and mountain climbing. Since special skills are required to complete a journey of considerable length, it is highly recommended for beginners to go with an experienced hiker or with a guided group. Either way trekking adventures can be a great way to spend time with you loved one.

1. Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

You must have heard this location when you talk about trekking in Nepal as this is the most well-known trekking spot in the country. The trekking activity, which usually takes about three weeks is showcased with lots of locals you will meet and the rich culture that you will experience along the way. The trek is usually cheap and specially suited for those who are in a tigher budgets.There are teahouses and guest houses you can find every now and then which makes the trip more convenient.

2. The Andes, Colombia

Colombia offers hikers and trekking addicts the best destinations to indulge in spectacular nature trips. A must-try will be the Los Nevados and Pargue Nacional trek. Catch yourself in awe with its waterfalls, rich mountain range with about 20 peaks most of which are higher than 5,000 meters from sea level), along with many crystal lakes and glaciers.

3. Atlas Mountain, Morocco

The snow-capped peaks, sweet nature scenery and traditional villages… The Atlas Mountains are a superb spot to consider when you are thinking about trekking in Morocco. Experience the breathtaking landscape and immerse yourself in the Berber culture with a multi-day trek. You can make the trek more convenient by doing it with a guide, a cook who will make your meals with fresh ingredients and a mule to carry your baggage. Must-haves include a thick sleeping bag if you intend to sleep outside at high altitudes and a waterproof walking boots.

4. The Pamir, Tajikistan

Tajikistan offers a remote and wild trek loaded with lots of possibilities for exploration. Best to try is the Pamir trek. Aside from the astonishing roadtrips, you may also opt to climb the Communism Peak, the highest peak in the country. Of course this is only recommended for the experiences trekker but there are other outstanding routes with varied difficulty suited for anyone wishing to experience the trekking adventure.

5. The Tatras, Slovakia

This small country in Central Europe offers bewildering snow-capped mountain peaks, crystal lakes and wild nature scenery. It is best to trek up to Gerlachovsky, known as the highest summit in the Carpathian range then experience sorrounding hiking trails that will take you to exciting summit ridges and stunning alpine valleys. Bathe yourself with the beauty nature has to offer and rest assured that you’ll be home with a big smile, after a once-in-a-lifetime trekking experience.

Photo by paszczak000 on Flickr

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