Turkey for Two

There is a reason as to why more and more people have begun to choose Turkey as a vacation destination. If you’re looking to add new and exciting activity holidays to your repertoire, then Turkey might be the place for you. The many historical sites have contributed to the rising increase in visitors in the past few years. On top of that there are interesting towns, museums and beautiful beaches to explore. With all this in mind, Turkey holidays are definitely to be considered for the next holiday with your loved one.

Attractive Towns

There are always a lot of activities happening within most Turkish towns. People always flock to these places and enjoy several forms of entertainment. An example is Ortakoy which is an authentic neighborhood found on the European Bank. Some fun attractions there include open-air handcraft bazaars, many original cuisine restaurants, cafeterias and bars with quality service offered at pocket friendly prices. The weather is usually favorable during the holiday seasons making it good to walk by the shores and taking a tour of the famous towns within such as Bosphorus and Bebek.

Interesting Museums

Most often you’ll fly right into Istanbul. This city has rich and wealthy culture which leaves many in awe. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has almost 100 museums for you and your loved one to explore. A lot of work has been done on many buildings which attracts tourists from many parts of the world. There are many monumental buildings such as mosques and churches and most of them have been converted into very beautiful museums. One which was created in recent years is the Dogancay Museum, Turkey’s first modern art museum located in a 150-year-old five story building.

Beautiful Beaches

The Blue Lagoon is a beach that is reason alone for visiting Turkey. It is a very popular  & beautiful beach which has tons of very beautiful scenery. Its atmosphere is very calm and has crystal clear water that is great for water sporting activities such as swimming, snorkeling or jet skiing. A couple spending their holiday here will enjoy it up to the last minute. The beach is very accessible thanks to the many buses which provide a very convenient and reliable means of transport.

Attractive Sites

Turkey is full of attractive sites for any interested traveller. The Library of Celsus is an ancient Roman building built for the Roman governor Celsus. It was built to store 12,000 scrolls and also to be the tomb for Celsus. He is buried beneath the building. Aside form this, the list of tourist destinations are endless. Tourists from different parts of the world are attracted to other places such as Alacati Village in Central Aegean, Sultanahmet Mosque and Dolmabahce mosque. These places are good for spending your leisure time.

Delicious Food

There are a variety of delicious meals found in Turkey which are extremely enticing. One such meal is the Turkish kebab which involves a variety of skewered meats. Another meal is the Manti which is a type of dumpling usually filled with chopped meat and sauce.  Manti is boiled and served with yoghurt plus an additional of garlic and tomato sauce for those who prefer. Other meals include Meze is a popular appetizer which can come in many different varieties such as hummus or falafel. They are often different flavors and you are presented with a sample before you order. Second time visitors recommend these to people who are going for Turkey holidays.

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