Two Hearts in San Francisco

If you think of the Golden Gate Bridge, then it has to be San Francisco. Two hearts, two beauties.  The Golden Gate Bridge, that is most beautiful when the sun starts to descend and the color of the bridge, glows along with the glitters of the water underneath.  The city of San Francisco with its striking surrounding blends well with the grandeur of the bridge. Travelling to this place can be marvelous as tours for two will be wondrous.

Victorian Houses

The Victorian houses are colorful structures built along the streets of San Francisco to provide shelter and comfort to its residents. The concept of these architectures originated in England during the reign of Queen Victoria with classism inherited from the Regency architecture, the Italianate style of the 1840’s and 1940’s, and the Gothic style of the 1880’s. The original style was made of bricks with pointed stale roofs. The uniformity in style creates an image of unity, order, and stillness. The Victorian influence on these buildings elucidates a feeling of sturdiness and grandeur.

Golden Gate Bridge

Grandeur to San Francisco is its Golden Gate Bridge. It is a suspension bridge that spans the Golden Gate which is the opening of the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean. It links the northern part of San Francisco to Marin County. It is the most photographed bridge and recognized as one of the wonders of the modern world by the American Society of Civil Engineers. It is the international symbol of San Francisco, California and the United States of America.

Cable Cars

Cable cars are used by the residents to transport themselves within the city.  These cars are offered to tourists for sightseeing. The system is of the cars relying on cables to pull them along and to lower down their speed. These are engine free and motor free, simply rotated by a motor off board. Actually, they are the last manually operated cars. Tourists love to take the cable cars. The cable car system has already become an icon for San Francisco.

Hotels and Accommodation

The hotels in San Francisco are many considering that it is often visited by tourists from all over the world. The featured hotels are the San Francisco Marriot Marquis with a very good rating from reviews, Beresford Arms with another very good rating, and many others with rating of good.  The interior designs of these hotels are cozy and warm designed to provide comfort and luxury depending on the accommodation. These hotels also offer promotional rates like half the price which is practically ideal for those tours for two.

Other Sights

The bay area near the Golden Gate Bridge is good for picnics, watching boats sail, or simply breathing in the sea breeze.  After a relaxing moment, you may wish to move to places that are busier and offering different types of specialty. Try visiting China Town in San Francisco.   It is the oldest in North America. Have some fortune cookies for good luck and noodles for long life along with many other cuisines.

Photo by alainpicard on Flickr

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