Unforgettable Underwater Escapades Couples Will Love

Venture underwater to discover the beauty of a whole new world that you can be experience together. There is a certain kind of freedom diving or snorkling together to discover an underawater adventure that will leave you in awe. Make memories together in one of the following underwater escapades you will love as a couple.

Maaya Thila, Maldives

Just starting out as novice to discover the beauty of an underwater adventure? Then you will enjoy Maaya Thila, Maldives with its protected marine area offering you both underwater adventures all year around. You will discover beautiful coral, views of underwater caves and abundant fish life. Book accommodations on Liveboard Diving and enjoy a full day or more of diving with meals included.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Once a small fisherman’s town has now become a tourism paradise for divers. You both can explore Sistema Dos Ojos a freshwater cave that has various rooms. The cave offers formation not found anywhere else. There are usually about one hundred divers in the area that will share in your underwater passion of exploration. You will both be in awe at the hidden world beyond the crystal clean waters that offer up to 91 meters of visibility.

Xalha, Mexico

Continue your adventure by heading south of Playa del Carman to Xel-Ha Park. Add snorkeling to your water adventure or swim together with dolphins and manatees. You will have an unforgettable day where you both will encounter the beauty of nature and the bliss of sharing these memories together.

Galápagos Islands

Located approximately 1,000 kilometers off the shore of Equador in the Pacific from the view of the surface are not the most exquisite islands other the animal life that is visable. These islands were predominately made from volcanic ash. Now for those who dive below the surface of the water you will see a livelily world teaming with color, creatures and overall beauty. Take a Galapagos tour that will allow for diving to enjoy both above and underwater worlds.

Uepi, Solomon Islands

You will surely embrace in awe and fascination at knowing you both snorkeled with sharks for an on the edge lover’s underwater adventure. Prepare yourselves at the break of dawn to head to the edge of Morovo Lagoon to get a glimpse of the chambered nautilus, a cephalopod that is well known for it collector’s circular shell living underwater.

Papua New Guinea

Breathtaking diving in the Coral Triangle located in the Asia Pacific region. There is a variety of teaming underwater creatures that will fascinate you. You may book all year around via dive centers, resorts and liveboard dive boats recommended for traveling couple wanting that extra room for relaxation. There is so much to view in Papua New Guinea’s underwater world such as coral walls, sea grass beds and a variety of reefs. Discover wrecks that occurred during World War II. With temperatures ranging from 74° to 87° Fahrenheit and diving for all skill levels you are sure to cherish this underwater adventure.

Take your love to a whole new depth with an unforgettable underwater escapade of adventure, beauty and a glimpse of whole new world you will treasure for the rest of your lives.

Photo by tomgruber on Flickr

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